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[Garden Precepts]
-Work hard
-Study hard
-Play hard

-In general, there is no dress code in Balamb Garden . However, dress accordingly if instructed to do so by your superiors.

[Reward and Punishments]
-The headmaster presents official commendations to outstanding students.
-Students who engage in violent acts, sexual promiscuity, or who fall behind in their curriculum, etc. may be expelled from Garden.

-The skills acquired in the Garden must never be used for personal gain.
-Refrain from committing any acts that may damage the Garden's reputation.
-Take time to think things through before starting a relationship.

-Procedures in case of an emergency: If you are on 2F, use the emergency exit next to the classroom. If you are on 1F, exit through the front gate. All students must take care of junior classmen during emergencies.
-Do not use the lift during an emergency.

[Evening Outings]
-All students should be in their dorm rooms after-hours unless at the training center.
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