Quistis Trepe (sinfulbeauty14) wrote in go_garden,
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The Rules are Online!

Following Complaints from Certain members of Garden, I have Taken it upon Myself to post up the Rules as well as Interesting information from the Garden computers ♥... This means that even though (Most of You!!) are SeeDs, while you are Studying these New courses, the Rules that apply to Students still apply to you! ;D

Please read them! ;) yes - Even you Seifer!! Ohohoh!
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If it's a Quistis fanboy,I guess that'd be me >_>
Just a young man wildly obsessed with a polygonal character from FF8. Or a Dragoon that can control space and time. Take your pick.
Either way, I have "quistis trepe" in my interests, and looked for other people with it,yah..
Hmf!! Polygonal indeed! ;o!!

I shall Reply more In-depthly once I have made a Short Visit to the Library's reference section!
Quisty has a stalker now?

Its the Price one has to Pay for being Beautiful I'm Afraid! ♥
Like, whaaat? whos that!?

Oh yeah, i'd be careful of Quistis, she has a whip you know.

By the way, whats an FF8? and who's Polly Gonal?