Quistis Trepe (sinfulbeauty14) wrote in go_garden,
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Another Welcome! ;)

This time we are Welcoming the Dashing Headmaster Cid Kramer - cidcomestotown!! I hope You find this Project of some Use to you Sir! ♥

Oh - and Mr. Kinneas has Kindly pointed out to me That I have not been setting Enough Homework! ;) I shall Remedy that with a Eassay Shortly! Ohohoh~

Edit - Oh and justanotherseed (Nida!!) has Joined the Project too. I seem to Forget to write About that!
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Crap...more work...
Welcome headmaster Cid sir! I hope you have a good time sir!
More work? Nice one Kinneas. Idiot.

Welcome Sir.
The President and the headmaster? Talk about stress, ya know!?
You mean my father has been reading this...?
Yay the more the merrier :D
Cram a mellon in it Almasy.

You could learn a thing or to from your dad squall, he's alot more social than you.